05 May 2020

Au revoir!

For 8 years this project has run, coming up with 59 stalwart concepts, actions or critiques of contemporary art. However, life has opened other paths to me so I bid you all au revoir!

21 July 2016

#59 (WOTD)

Use dictionary.com's "Word of the Day" daily in my Twitter feed; this project was begun on December 15, 2015.

Here are some samples:

14 January 2015

#58 (Sous Rature)

5 erasers equally spaced under Sol Lewitt's "Wall Drawing #65. Lines not short, not straight, crossing and touching, drawn at random using four colors, uniformly dispersed with maximum density, covering the entire surface of the wall" at the Corcoran Gallery - a subliminal invitation to erase an "artwork" planned for imminent destruction. 

03 June 2014


To: John Perreault

Cher John,

Merci beaucoup pour votre soumission pour le spectacle de Readymade@100.
Je nomme... que vous volez quelque chose. 
Ensuite, le photographier et nous l'envoyer. 
Meilleurs voeux,

Mark Cameron Boyd
3 juin 2014

[English translation:
Dear John,

Many thanks for your submission for the Readymade@100 show.
I designate . . . that you steal something.
Then photograph it and send it to us.

Best wishes,
Mark Cameron Boyd

June 3, 2014]