11 December 2008


Check out all books by Dave Hickey from Corcoran Library - don't return.

18 October 2008

#18 (Displacement series)

Toss a rock removed from Lake Desoto in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas into Laurel Lake in Maryland.

19 September 2008


"Anonymous Art" found.


Glue small plaque on wall near NW corner of 7th & Independence Ave: text reads: "Spiral Jelly" site - for Robert Smithson."

18 September 2008


Glue small plaque on wall near corner of 17th & G Streets: text reads: "Corner Pie" site - for Robert Morris."

01 August 2008

#14 (as fault)

Pour (until empty) one can of Hershey's chocolate syrup down inclined path leading to Dumbarton Oaks Trail (eastern end of cul-du-sac at Whitehaven Street, NW).

For Robert Smithson.

01 July 2008


Leave home-made CD (Zero Mix w Teeth) at Barnes & Noble filed under "N."

08 June 2008

#12 (Spiral Jelly)

Spread grape jelly in a spiral on sidewalk at NW corner of 7th & Independence Ave. (for Robert Smithson.)

05 June 2008


Check out War and Peace, Ulysses, Moby Dick and The Communist Manifesto from the library. Set on night-stand and don't open or read for the duration of the loan.

04 June 2008


The owner of the "diary" submitted the correct password today. The little book contains mostly hand-written notes on the "Conceptual Art Ideas" undertaken so far (10). Whenever I post a new "Conceptual Art Idea" I'll email him the text and he has agreed to paste it in the diary.

There is no "time-frame" to this project: it may take a few months, or perhaps even years to complete. Check back to watch the progress.

15 May 2008


101 Conceptual Art Ideas is an on-going project whereby the Artist (Mark Cameron Boyd) posts ideas randomly HERE at his discretion. The owner of this “diary” will receive email notifications when new ideas are posted on-line. These emails should be printed-out and pasted into the “diary” in chronological order.

Ownership of this diary is dependent upon participation in the project but does not constitute “ownership” of the 101 Conceptual Art Ideas.

To authenticate ownership, please send email to mcb@markcameronboyd.com
With your name and this password: [DELETED]

03 May 2008

#9 (Riposte)

Copy & insert this in newsstand issues (at Union Station & Barnes & Noble, 11th & E St. NW) of the May '08 Art in America (p. 37).

23 April 2008

#8 (Corner Pie)

Place upside-down slice of pie in corner near 17th & G Streets, WDC.
(For Bob Morris.)

05 April 2008


Reverse alphabetical order on encyclopedias in a local library.

23 March 2008


Insert Grindhouse - Planet Terror Biker photo with Richard Prince's signature inside Vanity Fair magazines at Kramer's Books, Dupont Circle on 3/27/08 (7:00 pm). 4 total.

03 March 2008

#5 (Triangulation)

Using red lipstick, write the address of Krispy Kreme (1350 Connecticut Ave.) on mirror in Starbuck's (1730 Pennsylvania Ave.) bathroom; write the address of Cafe Bistro (One Washington Circle) on mirror in bathroom of Krispy Kreme; and write the address of Starbuck's on mirror in bathroom of Cafe Bistro.

21 February 2008


Empty a bag of charcoal on a busy sidewalk.

12 February 2008


Write-in Joseph Kosuth for "President of the United States."

07 February 2008


Add mustache to a female face in a Metro ad.

05 February 2008


Print business cards for MCB bank.