31 December 2009

20 November 2009


Sent the following email to Thomas Hirschhorn c/o Gladstone Gallery:
"Dear Thomas Hirschhorn,
Please dismantle all of your unsold installations & give all useful materials to Global Action for Children. Exchange exhibition value for use value.
M. Cameron Boyd"

27 October 2009


Smuggle four "Theory Notecards" [undeciphered, bisected-text blocks] into Canada to give to my nephew.

16 October 2009

29 September 2009


Invite all members of "Postconceptual Artists" Facebook group to sign-in as my alter-ego on my [social media] account to post comments. UPDATE: Terminated all authors.

05 September 2009


Create [social media] account as alter-ego to create posts.

24 July 2009


Two battery-powered CD players buried under separate dirt piles; one playing loop of The Ramones' "Beat On The Brat"(1975) & one playing loop of Sex Pistols' "EMI"(1978). (For Sam Durant.)

22 July 2009

#28 (For Robt. Ryman)

Paint a billboard completely white.

10 June 2009


"And all that could have been..."

01 June 2009


Purchase this steamroller to crush existing paintings created from 1997 to 2002.

06 May 2009

25 March 2009


Leave CD with soundtrack to "A Contextual Stage" in copy of Peter Osbourne's Conceptual Art in Corcoran College of Art + Design library.

18 March 2009


Engage in hopeless debate about conceptual art.

04 March 2009


Placed this ad on Google Adwords:

"Theory Now" Notecards
Participatory Art Project
FREE Shipping in U.S.

Ad ran for 4 days - cancelled on 3/2/09.

18 February 2009


Sell "Theory Notecards" on-line through PayPal.

Image: Notecard 33(30): Fluxus (2206-2009); blackboard paint, Conté & pencil on birch; H4"xW6"; © Copyright by Mark Cameron Boyd.