08 June 2008

#12 (Spiral Jelly)

Spread grape jelly in a spiral on sidewalk at NW corner of 7th & Independence Ave. (for Robert Smithson.)

05 June 2008


Check out War and Peace, Ulysses, Moby Dick and The Communist Manifesto from the library. Set on night-stand and don't open or read for the duration of the loan.

04 June 2008


The owner of the "diary" submitted the correct password today. The little book contains mostly hand-written notes on the "Conceptual Art Ideas" undertaken so far (10). Whenever I post a new "Conceptual Art Idea" I'll email him the text and he has agreed to paste it in the diary.

There is no "time-frame" to this project: it may take a few months, or perhaps even years to complete. Check back to watch the progress.