23 September 2010

#40 (Instructional Painting)

Instructions to make a painting, passed from student to student in my art theory class, as in "The Exquisite Corpse" exercise, in response to Sol Lewitt's "Paragraphs on Conceptual Art."

1. Draw a symmetrical shape with and(sic) asymmetrical one.
2. Must include at least 4 sets of dotted lines
3. Draw an arrow shape around directions one and two- place one + two within the arrow
4. Draw a symmetrical shape to enclose one + two + three
5. Cover ½ of #1-4 with white acrylic paint OR duplicate 1-4
6. (if you want to do both you need to get permission from minimum 10 students who made the rules on Sept. 22 2010
7. It must be made from one continuous line
8. But the line has two(sic) be getting thicker gradually
9. Draw a line above the thickest part of the previous line
10. Draw a line connecting to end points of #8
11. Erase It all
12. Sign the work of art T.N.2010 with a red marker

(From an idea proposed by Forest Allread.)