15 May 2008


101 Conceptual Art Ideas is an on-going project whereby the Artist (Mark Cameron Boyd) posts ideas randomly HERE at his discretion. The owner of this “diary” will receive email notifications when new ideas are posted on-line. These emails should be printed-out and pasted into the “diary” in chronological order.

Ownership of this diary is dependent upon participation in the project but does not constitute “ownership” of the 101 Conceptual Art Ideas.

To authenticate ownership, please send email to mcb@markcameronboyd.com
With your name and this password: [DELETED]

03 May 2008

#9 (Riposte)

Copy & insert this in newsstand issues (at Union Station & Barnes & Noble, 11th & E St. NW) of the May '08 Art in America (p. 37).