13 September 2011

#45 ("Exchange" Project)

The following was sent to the "active participants" of this project:


Addressees of this email have been confirmed as "active participants" in my artwork "Untitled participatory installation #4" that was exhibited last Summer in the "Medium of Exchange" exhibition at Towson University's Center for the Arts gallery.

As my "Value Statement" expressed, "participation is an 'exchange' of labor. Thus, active participants exchange their labor for a share of possible future profits when the artwork is sold."

The key word is "possible." To that end, I've attached a JPEG of the "final state" of my artwork when I removed it from the gallery on August 7, 2011. Feel free to share the image with art collectors, curators or anyone you think may be interested in either purchasing or showing the work. When the artwork has been purchased you will receive your share of the profits.


IMAGE: "Untitled participatory installation #4" (2011); blackboard paint, chalk, pencil, pastel on MDF; H48"xW98"; © Copyright 2011 by Mark Cameron Boyd.

28 June 2011


Index card with two holes punched in it (for a reason known only to me) & the words, "Not Random," written in ink; for Tino Sehgal)

10 April 2011

#43 (Dematerialized Breslar)

Dematerialization of Reuben Breslar's "IB520100927B" on April 9, 2011; resultant tape-ball discarded in wastebin; RB granted verbal permission for action.

11 February 2011